Earth & Bamboo School in Bangladesh

Hand-Made School in Rudrapur, Bangladesh

Architects Anna Heringer and Eike Roswag designed and planned the Rudrapur school and students, teachers, and volunteers built it at a cost of $22,835 USD! The foundation is brick, the lower walls are loam and straw, the upper walls are bamboo with a galvanized iron roof. The total area of the school is 3,500 sf and the design allows for natural light and air ventilation.

Heringer was a student volunteer with a Bangladeshi Dipshikha, an education center for rural children, for a year in 1997. She kept in contact with the school and was later asked to help build a new school using local materials, completing the project in 2005.

The local Bangladeshi do not think this project is possible to recreate because of the equipment involved. However, in a developed country, where construction equipment is abound, this type of sustainable construction can easily happen!

It is amazing what basic elements and physical labor can do! In the United States so many great projects do not have the funds to realize completion. These beautiful international projects prove that a large budget is not needed to build beautiful creative spaces in our communities!

The center cutout reminds me of Safe Haven Orphanage’s library



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