Hey there,

I am Catherine, some people call me “Cat”. I live and work in a 120 year old Victorian home in West Philadelphia. I started Hellcat Studio in 2011 to help people “make things happen”. Now the primary focus is on service design, business process automation and optimization, and problem solving.

I have side projects too:

  • QSPACES helps the LGBTQ+ community receive friendly and affirming healthcare.
  • Hellcat Archive is an outlet for my obsession with clothes, dry goods, and objects.
  • West Philly Resource compiles publicly available resources for Philadelphia residents.
  • And I write, make clothes and leather goods, create art, and restore furniture.

Sometimes I’m on Twitter and I try keep my LinkedIn up-to-date. You can also reach me at cat@crhofmann.com.

updated 6 December 2021