Pink Slime: Using Waste and Chemicals in Food

Watch the video to see how food processors and manufacturers can lower their cost of meat for a larger profit margin.

Waste products from the cows, which can be made into dog food, is separated from fat, cleaned with ammonia, turned into a pink slime and put back into ground beef. The USDA allows companies to add up to 15% of the “pink slime” into food products and the chemicals do not have to be added on labels since it is a “process”, not a food part. According to this video, 70% of all beef products contain pink slime.

Beef costs x, Pink Slime costs y, x > y, Beef + pink slime = food, food costs $/lb
The more pink slime added to food, the more the company makes from selling food.

At a certain point, it is beneficial to pay lawmakers to allow them to add more pink slime for a higher profit margin. Lawmakers have most likely accepted money from lobbyists and corporations to provide these lax laws, proving that money trumps health and safety. Do they wonder if their children eat this at school? Maybe not if they are sent to private schools (courtesy of lobbyists).

thanks for the video Kaleigh D.


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