Free Online Mind-Mapping Tool: Exobrain

This is Exobrain and it will change your life. I have tried many mind mapping tools over the years -  Lovely Charts, ConceptDraw MINDMAP, another from an English-based tech company that I can't remember the name of.... the list goes on - but this has been best suited for my needs. Exobrain is intuitive, formats… Continue reading Free Online Mind-Mapping Tool: Exobrain

An Exercise in Gender Awareness

I read a few articles in the New York Times using a Chrome extension called Jailbreak the Patriarchy and found it empowering and revealing. It functions to swaps gender-specific words on any webpage to it's opposite. For example, "he used his sister's computer" is switched to "she used her brother's computer". From a gender-swapped perspective, never have so… Continue reading An Exercise in Gender Awareness