PARK(ing) Day in Philadelphia, Roots in San Diego

I love PARK(ing) Day because it showcases how quick, cheap, and mobile solutions can vastly improve our quality of life. By reducing vehicle speeds and reclaiming streets as people spaces, these temporary parklets build community and prove that a tiny respites from city life is welcome. Philadelphia's PARK(ing) Day includes 52 businesses, designers, and organizations co-opting… Continue reading PARK(ing) Day in Philadelphia, Roots in San Diego

Who Wore It Better–Art Edition

While looking for some type of link for the Who Wore It Better reference in Tuesday's Post, I found an art edition on tumblr comparing very similar concepts and executions. In some instances, it is an homage or reference, or in others genders or cultures have been swapped. It's an interesting perspective. There's some… Continue reading Who Wore It Better–Art Edition

L’art Brut: Carlo Zinelli

Carlo Zinelli–schizophrenic Italian, war veteran, and artist. After stints the Spanish Civil War and WWII, Carlo's aggression increased and ability to verbally communicate deteriorated. He called mental institutions home until his death. After 10 years in insolation, 2 sculptors and a psychiatrist added him to the art program where he created over 3,000 pieces with… Continue reading L’art Brut: Carlo Zinelli

Wilders Grove in the Newspaper

A public art project I've been working on for McConnell Studios made it into the newspaper Sunday and you can barely see me in one of the's a start! ha! The project is "Wilders Grove," a 40 foot long undulating wall composed of recyclable materials to be installed at the first LEED Platinum waste… Continue reading Wilders Grove in the Newspaper

Carved Pencil Sculptures

Lionel Bawden creates fluid sculptures from hexagonal Staedtler pencils and epoxy. They look like polished desert stones or a reptilian skin. Transforming everyday materials into landscapes and ambiguous forms brings to mind Guy Laramée's book carvings. Original Article: STAEDTLER PENCIL SCULPTURES BY LIONEL BAWDEN in Juxatpoz Magazine

Vintage Cannes Film Festival Posters

The festival wrapped up last Saturday but I didn't follow it this year. Instead, I gathered some vintage posters = great fonts, great colors, great sketches.   Also, here is a quote from Kevin Levine about film festivals, specifically Sundance, but it might apply to Cannes, and I agree. If Will Ferrell or Brad Pitt – just… Continue reading Vintage Cannes Film Festival Posters