Architectural and design magazines and blogs feature more sustainable and green buildings daily and many of these projects come from other countries, in rural areas, for good cause, and very inexpensively.

I came across this Training Center in Sumatra designed by TYIN Tegnestue to bring cinnamon farmers together for more education, to battle unfair business practices, and promote healthcare issues. Local craftsman and an ox built the center using locally produced brick and wood for 30,000€ ($40,000). The large roof floats over the 5 interior buildings to allow a cooling breeze and daylight, exterior brick traps heat from the sun and keeps the interiors cool, and the hinged windows are awesome–some vertical, some horizontal–as are the tiny ventilation holes and arrays of smaller windows.

Affordable, communal housing in temperate climates could look like this…

Cassia-Co-op-Training-Centre-TYIN-Tegnestue-9 Cassia-Co-op-Training-Centre-TYIN-Tegnestue-12 Cassia-Co-op-Training-Centre-TYIN-Tegnestue-3 Cassia-Co-op-Training-Centre-TYIN-Tegnestue-2 Cassia-Co-op-Training-Centre-TYIN-Tegnestue-13

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