Uber Can Do Anything As Long As We Buy What They Sell

Uber is a private company. They set pricing, company values, and customer service. If a company run by a pretty awful bro turns a blind eye to assaults, has no respect for consumer privacy, and touts a price-gouging (dynamic) business model, then make the decision to not support them. Like every other private company, they will only be around as long… Continue reading Uber Can Do Anything As Long As We Buy What They Sell

Why I wanted to be a RDU Baton holder

I am the RDU Baton holder on instagram today (@rdubaton) and I plan to use it as a soapbox for multimodal transportation, sustainability, utilizing urban space better, the need for public art, and so on. The mission of the RDU Baton is to showcase Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, and the surrounding communities. We're supposed to "show off… Continue reading Why I wanted to be a RDU Baton holder

Canoe Camping Trip! The Roanoke River Platform System

6 of us set out towards the North Carolina coast last Saturday with beef jerky, whiskey, sleeping bags, and miscellaneous supplies (I'm not going to list them like I did for Puerto Rico, but it was similar). We met Heber of Roanoke Outdoor Adventures (highly recommended) with the canoes, loaded our gear, and paddled out. The… Continue reading Canoe Camping Trip! The Roanoke River Platform System

Puerto Rico Trip + Lists

for the next week: 1 backpack, 0 laptops What I packed: Clothes: straw hat, vans hat, rain jacket, underwear, socks, bikini, board shorts, cut off shorts, edmund jeans, belt, blue polo, button down, blue sweater, 4 v-necks, 3 cutoff t-shirts, running shorts and shirt, nikes (these or these would have been better), and vans Other: toothbrush… Continue reading Puerto Rico Trip + Lists