Rear Window (Movie) Time Lapse

Rear Window: Director- Alfred Hitchcock, Starring James Stewart and Grace Kelly. A housebound photographer carefully watches the going-ons from his rear window. It was the largest indoor set at the time and Hitchcock directed the entire film from the photographers (Stewart’s) apartment.

This was stitched together by Jeff Desom – he made a panoramic image from different shots from the movie. Check out this link to see how he did it.

Movie Poster by Saul Bass


I went to Chapel Hill for the Bowerbirds album release show at Cat’s Cradle (whose layout has changed significantly since the last time I was there). The music was beautiful and it was great seeing friends and neighbors in the crowd and on stage. The Clearing, their 3rd album, is much more powerful than their previous albums, has been well received and I highly suggest checking them out.

Tuck the Darkness In
Sweet Moment
Now We Hurry On

Lesson Plan

Perhaps we could endeavor to teach our future the following:

  • How to focus intently on a problem until it’s solved.
  • The benefit of postponing short-term satisfaction in exchange for long-term success.
  • How to read critically.
  • The power of being able to lead groups of peers without receiving clear delegated authority.
  • An understanding of the extraordinary power of the scientific method, in just about any situation or endeavor.
  • How to persuasively present ideas in multiple forms, especially in writing and before a group.
  • Project management. Self-management and the management of ideas, projects and people.
  • Personal finance. Understanding the truth about money and debt and leverage.
  • An insatiable desire (and the ability) to learn more. Forever.
  • Most of all, the self-reliance that comes from understanding that relentless hard work can be applied to solve problems worth solving.

— from Seth Godin