Thoughts on Car Commercials

I don’t understand all the car commercials – isn’t a car supposed to be a durable good? These ads suggest that a new car should be bought every few years! These companies went bankrupt because supply was much higher than demand and the plants were losing money. Declining revenues yielded job loss, which is apparently unacceptable, even in a dying industry (see shift to new urbanism and pedestrianism). If American car companies were on the same level as foreign autos, maybe they would have had better success. Again, America’s paradigm involves quantity > quality, which cannot be sustained. The solution is not to produce more cars and spend millions of money on advertising (thanks, Clint Eastwood, I thought you would know better) but to create a better product and branch out into other environmentally-conscious modes of transportation.

If Women Counted – a book on feminist economics

If Women Counted: A New Feminist Economics

“This is a revolutionary and powerfully argued feminist analysis of modern economics, revealing how woman’s housework, caring of the young, sick and the old is automatically excluded from value in economic theory. An example of this pervasive and powerful process is the United Nation System of National Accounts which is used for wars and determining balance of payments and loan requirements. The author has also written “Women, Politics and Power” and is a formidable force in the politics of New Zealand, serving three terms in Parliament and helping bring down a Prime Minister. She holds a doctorate in political economy and was a visiting Fellow at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government.”

This perked my interest – women always seem to be left out since they have not traditionally been the money makers. Imagine the impact if all women left the homes and communities to join the work force. I hypothesize that society would suffer greatly if there is not a citizen at home, working without wages towards the betterment of their communities – male or female.