Cai Guo-Qiang: Explosive Art

Cai Guo-Qiang is a Chinese artist best known for his fireworks and explosions, notably the 2008 Beijing Olympics but I like the animals best. It reminds me how safe we think we are in our built environment. These would look AWESOME suspended outside in a metro area. Now that I’m working with Raleigh Public Art, maybe I’ll give him a call.

more Google Images, a Smithsonian Mag article, and Cai’s Website and Blog (wordpress)

Cai – in his mid 50’s! 
Gunpowder works IMG_2335resize-1024x6822012_desirezerogravity_a3035_001ltr
Lot_517_CAI GUO-QIANG_Project No.143-The Mark of 92101-cai-guo-qiang-head-on-1
Head Oncai-guo-qiang-07I want to Believe mathaf-arab-museum-of-modern-art-cai-guo-qiang-saraab-n-flying-together-life-like-falcons-with-camelcai-pic-1-6002328557627_d3aea84ef9_o
Borrowing your enemy’s arrows chi06cai-draw2-001chi02Poster Final versionPicture 015Inopportune266900-970x600-1Da Vincis do Povo – currently in Brazil 


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