Vintage Cannes Film Festival Posters

The festival wrapped up last Saturday but I didn’t follow it this year.
Instead, I gathered some vintage posters = great fonts, great colors, great sketches.

Cannes+Film+Festival+1939 4th+International+Film+Festival+in+Cannes+in+1949 5th+International+Film+Festival+in+Cannes+in+1952 8th+International+Film+Festival+in+Cannes+in+1955 14th+International+Film+Festival+in+Cannes+in+1961 1767-image-450-550-fit


Also, here is a quote from Kevin Levine about film festivals, specifically Sundance, but it might apply to Cannes, and I agree.

If Will Ferrell or Brad Pitt – just to name two random examples – are in an independent film, do they really need a film festival to get Harvey Weinstein to screen their film? The chubby nerd from New Jersey who maxed out his credit cards to make a film about a local convenience store couldn’t. He needed a film festival. He needed an audience to appreciate his effort before he could be recognized. And now today’s equivalent of a young Kevin Smith can’t even get his movie into a festival much less Harvey Weinstein’s screening room.

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