Puerto Rico Pictures

555025_10201006788638932_1954073321_n copy

Somewhere inland, off the Ruta PanorámicaSan Juan.Ocean Park_05Right on the beach in San Juan. A lot of the buildings looked like this. 1629_10201007046085368_558513720_nThe cemetery in Old San Juan29003_10201006734277573_840210697_nRhea and I in Old San JuanIMG_20130320_085230Street vendors machete’d the top of coconuts off and stuck a straw in it. Later we smashed them in the street to eat the meat. 

IMG_20130321_125639Above Salta Falls in El Yunque rainforest. We went off the trail and chilled here for a couple of hours.

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  2. […] Puerto Rico Pictures (crhofmann.com) […]

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