New Denim! Kind of..

A pair of 14oz selvage denim has been sitting in my closet for over a year and a half due to a minor repair I needed to make. Although my heaviest, and best for winter, I haven’t noticed its absence due to my large rotation of denim. Of course, I decide to fix them now it is warming and they’ve been my go-to pair since.

I love the way raw denim breaks in. At first they are so damn uncomfortable, but after vigorous wearing they become a second skin, and very soft. After a couple of years the thread wears down, forms holes, and turns white. It is the look mass-produced brands try to re-create, which means that wallet outline is actually where my wallet is. The coin pocket still holds my lucky peso. I couldn’t un-cuff a few pairs if I tried.

DenimThis was my first pair, from a few months of wearing to a year and a half later.
Same pair, same fabric, nothing special, just life.

2 responses to “New Denim! Kind of..”

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