A solution for small closets: an Open-Air Closet

I have a tiny closet and ran out of space long ago. The cheapest solution is hooks but it is ugly and in randomly placed holes from the previous tenants. I have thought about clothing racks but they are bulky and cold. Then I realized all my wooden hangers have swivel hooks and can hang parallel to the wall, or on the door. All I need are towel racks or even curtain rods…but what if it was an entire piece instead of a wall installations?

A bench with shoe storage would act as the counter balance for the back piece with two racks for hangers. If the back piece was odor and/or moisture-absorbing that would further enhance the functionality of the piece. In addition, this piece acts as a display for my clothing and shoes.

P.S. This is my 2nd Sketchup, the first being a side table from June.

2 responses to “A solution for small closets: an Open-Air Closet”

  1. I’d put in a second rod in front of the clothes hanging rod for a piece of beautiful fabric. This is out in the open yeah? No matter how dope your threads are, it’s gonna look messy. A giant fabric calendar would be rad.

  2. Hey Sarah! Yeah that’s a good idea but I’d take a mess over fabric fumbling I think. The calendar part might change my mind…

    Ha did you notice the “model” in the rendering? She stole my look…


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