Design Review Questions You Should Ask Yourself

Jason Fried came up with a list of questions he asks himself while designing. Stepping back and reviewing an idea is difficult, especially if other people, and their time and feelings, are involved. Guiding questions have always helped me and this list has a lot of good ones. I posted a partial list here, the entire list is on his website, 37signals.

  • Is what it says and what it means the same thing?
  • Do we want that?
  • Why do we need to say that here?
  • If you stopped reading here, what’s the message?
  • How does this make you feel?
  • How else can we say this?
  • What’s memorable about this?
  • Who needs to know/see that?
  • What’s the payoff?
  • What’s the simpler version of this?
  • What does a more polished version of this look like?
  • What’s missing?
  • Does that make it clearer?
  • Does that make it easier or harder?
  • Would this be better as a sentence or a picture?
  • Why is that there?
  • What matters here?
  • What would happen if we got rid of that?
  • If we got rid of this, does that still work?
  • Is it obvious what happens next?
  • What problem is that solving?
  • What makes this a must have?


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