7 Psychopaths – a new cult classic

…and here’s to another violent comedy by Martin McDonagh, director of In Bruges. 

A screenwriter (Colin Farrel) is trying to come up with a film about 7 psychopaths that turn from their darkness and into the light. Unlike most Hollywood movies, it won’t end in a big shootout but instead with a peaceful conversation. Marty’s friends (Christopher Walken and Sam Rockwell) try to help him write the screenplay while hiding out from their killer (Woody Harrelson). There are a lot of guest spots with Tom Waits, guys from Boardwalk Empire and Big Love, and the girl from Precious. McDonagh also gets in a few hits to Hollywood and it’s penchant for sex and violence.

Every major character in 7 Psychopaths has an unexpected side, making them either weak or badass. In terms of dialogue, gratuitous violence, and character development, there seems to be an element of Tarantino but McDonagh traces it to Preston Sturges, a writer, director, and producer from 1930-58. I also noticed that the camera frequently panned diagonally from the top left corner to bottom right as did major “lines” in the sets, such as hills. Maybe it doesn’t mean anything but I notice things like that.

Check the trailer then watch the movie, in theaters this Friday.

3 responses to “7 Psychopaths – a new cult classic”

  1. I imagine my husband could have been one of the starring roles!

  2. pregoandtheloon Avatar

    Tough decision… I think PSYCHOPATH sums it up pretty good! LOL


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