Guy Laramée: The Great Wall book carvings

Guy Laramée, a self-professed anachronist, is a Montreal-based multi-disciplinary artist. His most notable works are landscapes sandblasted into old books. The pieces invoke the feeling of a time forgotten, of places that may have existed but no longer do. The detail is breathtaking and I would love the opportunity to see them firsthand.

3 responses to “Guy Laramée: The Great Wall book carvings”

  1. These are quite outstanding and unbelievable. Almost unreal.

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  3. […] Lionel Bawden creates fluid sculptures from hexagonal Staedtler pencils and epoxy. They look like polished desert stones or a reptilian skin. Transforming everyday materials into landscapes and ambiguous forms brings to mind Guy Laramée’s book carvings. […]


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