Alternatives to Plastic Water Bottles

This illustration has been making the rounds on the internet and I thought it was a great informative illustration for those that don’t realize how wasteful and harmful plastic bottles are for our resources, including financial.

Here are some alternatives: The Muji keeps a liquid hot for 7+ hours and cold for 12+ hours – I’ve had it for 3 years and done some damage to it but this thing is going to last. The Sigg is best for water because it is harder to clean but I’ve also used it for other cold drinks, like beer and champagne. It’s a higher up-front cost but if you make tea/coffee at home and don’t mind drinking from sinks and water fountains you’ll save a lot of money. Plus they’re pretty; I was always receiving compliments.

*Links:  Muji – $30Sigg – $25
**Muji is one of my favorite minimalist brands and also makes really good pens 

One response to “Alternatives to Plastic Water Bottles”

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