Program Parks to Connect Urban Districts – A Nash Square Showcase

The end of my Raleigh notebooks is near. Here is an idea for Nash Square I kicked around this past spring.   PROBLEM Underutilized park in the middle of a dead zone in downtown Raleigh during First Fridays.   BACKGROUND  Downtown Raleigh is… Continue Reading

PARK(ing) Day in Philadelphia, Roots in San Diego

I love PARK(ing) Day because it showcases how quick, cheap, and mobile solutions can vastly improve our quality of life. By reducing vehicle speeds and reclaiming streets as people spaces, these temporary parklets build community and prove that a tiny respites… Continue Reading

Carved Pencil Sculptures

Lionel Bawden creates fluid sculptures from hexagonal Staedtler pencils and epoxy. They look like polished desert stones or a reptilian skin. Transforming everyday materials into landscapes and ambiguous forms brings to mind Guy Laramée’s book carvings. Original Article: STAEDTLER PENCIL SCULPTURES BY LIONEL BAWDEN in Juxatpoz Magazine