I’m Married! And the Case for Simple Weddings


Nic and I were married on April 7th, 2016 in a quiet ceremony at Philadelphia’s City Hall.

That day I made breakfast for us, wrote my vows, made a bouquet and boutonnière, and did a little bit of work. We took a cab to city hall. Several close friends joined us in the judge’s chambers (we were allowed 8 guests total).

The ceremony was short and sweet. I cried so much the judge had to read my vows for me. She told us they were the most touching vows she has heard in a long time. And she was also a lesbian and married her partner of 30 years last year. It was special to have her share that with us.

Afterwards we celebrated with food and drink. Our friends shared stories and most met each other for the first time. The food came in waves as we meandered around the L-shaped bar. We were so full, we didn’t even bother with cake.

We were happy to have designed an intentional day for ourselves and our friends. The day was intimate and carefree, as we intended. And I promised to always show up for Nic, and to keep striving to be Best Catherine.

Top 3 Day. 

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  1. It was the perfect day, my love.

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