Download a Free 2016 Calendar–Simple, Clean, Minimal

Every year I look for a simple calendar but the top google image hits are messy and busy. I spent more time looking for a calendar than the time it would take to make one. So, I made one – a free 2016 calendar–simple, clean, minimal. Ahhh!

2016 Calendar Minimal

2016 Yearly Calendar. Simple Clean Minimal.

As a PDF – horizontal orientation: 2016 Calendar Minimal and vertical orientation: 2016 Calendar Minimal_Vertical

I use this calendar to track two major goals I want to turn into habits. I was inspired by Jerry Seinfield’s productivity hack of marking X’s on a wall calendar and working to string as many X’s together as possible. Read more here. 

My calendar did double time in 2015 – X’s for no alcohol and O’s for exercise. I’ve been alcohol-free for more than 2 months! All those X’s look good.  The working out has a ways to go, but that goal will switch to X’s this year and become my main focus.

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  1. I wish you luck on all your goals!
    Calendars are fluid (Chinese, Arabic, etc.)
    O’s will require lawn mowers and chain-saws and rakes and paint brushes and ladders and lots of hand tools.

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