College Life or Startup Life?

Startup life looks grossly similar to college life.


Colleges (and some high schools) have turned to into work hard/play hard campuses to attract more students. So why are we surprised that millennials/snakepeople look for the same attributes in a work place?


We’re getting the workforce we designed for:
  • games – sporting events, ping pong, rec rooms, gyms
  • good food / cafe / cafeteria
  • “cool” – whatever is “cool” – white on white minimalism and succulents or reclaimed barn meets steampunk
  • parties. drinking. day drinking. after hour drinks. DRINK.
  • flexible schedules – work (study/attend class) from home, in the morning, in the afternoon, at night, whenever you want
  • wear whatever you want – sweatpant dress pants!
  • tight community – kinda insular, competitive
  • proximity – urban centers, bike and walk everywhere, no cars


If workplaces want to attract this demographic, they should look towards top-rated “campus life” colleges for inspiration. And maybe this is why  younger companies are living Startup Life (College Life) well past their prime. It’s unbecoming. 


Hint: women in tech is less than 20%

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