Bathroom Design: State of the Stream 2016

Think of all the sinks you use throughout the week–at home, work, restaurants and bars, theaters, airports–are you happy with how those sinks perform? Is there a sink you especially like?

What bothers me the most is the lack of room I have between the water stream and the back of the sink, or even the bottom of the sink. There’s just not enough clearance. I can’t scrub my hands under the water without hitting the bowl or the faucet, or both. 

If the faucet were positioned so that the water stream fell in the center of the bowl instead the back of the bowl, there would be more room for hands and less water splashed onto the counter.  


Other bathroom details that could be improved:

  • Slant the sink surround + faucet area into basin. Force water to drain into the sink instead of sitting on the counter.
  • Place hand towels adjacent to sink. Duh.
  • Air dryer Water Catchment: Install some type of catchment system or backsplash. Water blows off hands onto wall and pools on floor. Even the Dyson Airblade drips water down the sides and onto the floor.
  • Big/Compacting Trashcans: people will throw their trash on the ground if the trashcan is full — better yet, compacting trash cans to smash paper towels to the bottom
  • Swinging doors: Don’t make me touch knobs and stuff after I wash my hands.
  • Raise the height of flush lever. Don’t make me bend over the toilet bowl to press the flush button/lever and get a blast of toilet water in my face. I like those foot flushers.
  • Ban auto-flush toilets. They flush while I’m seated. I can do it myself.

Here’s a call for better bathroom design / culture in the US.

Note: Because of European/Danish/Icelandic design, I simply did not have this problem in Iceland. The bathrooms were a dream–here’s the sink situation at Harpa, and the view from a rest stop bathroom (paid).


Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 4.24.26 PM copy

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  1. Beautiful bathroom! Guy bathrooms are functional in/ out #nasty

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