I am agile talent–a part-time, project-based freelancer for businesses, from small and creative to Fortune 50 enterprises, that need access to flexible, fast, and innovative services. I am also a co-founder of QSPACES and play at the intersections of business, design, urbanism, activism, and sustainability.

Proactive, passionate, curious. Exclusively seen in buttondown shirts. Sucker for sunglasses and fountain pens.

Here are a few things I’ve done:

  • built a digital resource to help LGBTQ folks to find, rate, and review healthcare providers, receiving $10,000 from Jefferson Innovation
  • creating exciting adventures and events for TEDxPhiladelphia
  • researching and designing a new strategy to bring a Fortune 50 Leadership & Development program to new heights
  • optimized a Fortune 50 global leadership development program to reduce administration time by 270+ hours per cohort, scale delivery to multiple global locations, and enhance the participant experience by +41 NPS points
  • raised tens of thousands of dollars for a non-profit program through events and direct sponsorship–we were called the “vanguard of design activism”
  • created + hosted a design competition and panel to address homelessness with over 160 global participants that lead to direct action by Raleigh’s city council
  • managed and streamlined a high-end clothing production line to hit targets and reduce inefficiencies and flaws

My mission is to help people communicate effectively, reduce complexities, build easy-to-use solutions, and take steps towards clear goals using design thinking and digital tools. See more details on LinkedIn.

Catherine consistently delivered comprehensive assessments and exceptional directives & actions for moving our business forward.  — Ann Cowperthwaite, Eidolon Designs
Catherine’s focus, dedication, and drive singlehandedly took AIA North Carolina’s programming to another level, which stands as an example to other AIA sections throughout the state. — Erin Sterling Lewis, in situ studio

So, what projects or problems do you need help with?

Contact me at catherine [at] crhofmann.com.




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