I’m an impact designer and agile talent–a part-time, project-based freelancer–for businesses, from small and creative to Fortune 50 enterprises, that need access to flexible, fast, and innovative services. I am also a co-founder of QSPACES and play at the intersections of business, design, urbanism, activism, and sustainability.

Also: proactive, passionate, curious; exclusively seen in buttondown shirts; and a sucker for sunglasses and fountain pens.

My mission is to help people and companies communicate effectively, reduce complexities, build easy-to-use solutions, and take steps towards clear goals using design thinking and digital tools. I have a great track record:

  • Co-founded QSPACES to transform healthcare for LGBTQ folks, with an investment from Jefferson Innovation.
  • Creating exciting adventures and events for TEDxPhiladelphia
  • Researching and designing an enterprise-wide Fortune 50 employee learning strategy.
  • Optimized a Fortune 50 global leadership development program by reducing administration time by 270+ hours per cohort, scaling delivery to multiple global locations, and enhancing the participant experience by +41 NPS points.
  • Created marketing and brand strategy for small businesses (focusing on artists and makers), increasing website traffic and lead generation.
  • Raised tens of thousands of dollars for a non-profit program through events and direct sponsorship–we were called the “vanguard of design activism”.
  • Created + hosted a design competition and panel to address homelessness with over 160 global participants that lead to direct action by Raleigh’s city council.
  • Managed and streamlined a high-end clothing production line to hit targets and reduce inefficiencies and flaws.
  • See more details on LinkedIn.

Most importantly, I create value and momentum for my clients and colleagues:

Catherine consistently delivered comprehensive assessments and exceptional directives & actions for moving our business forward.  — Ann Cowperthwaite, Eidolon Designs
Catherine’s focus, dedication, and drive singlehandedly took AIA North Carolina’s programming to another level, which stands as an example to other AIA sections throughout the state. — Erin Sterling Lewis, in situ studio

So, what projects or problems do you need help with?

Contact me at catherine [at] crhofmann.com.




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